The Lab Coffee Shop

BLC's favorite coffee shop. Now with a webpage.


The Lab: Serving up coffee, music, and smiles since 2003.

A cup of coffee is one of those rites of passage associated with going to college. After all, how else can a student conquer that 1,000 word essay in one sitting? There are many coffee shops in Mankato that can satisfy the need for a cup of joe. But The Lab is not just another coffee shop.

To say that The Lab is “just a coffee shop” would be a severe understatement. We’re a study spot, an art gallery, a volunteer experience, a music venue, and a great student hangout. With our laid-back, ambient atmosphere, mood lighting, and comfortable seating, students from all majors and activities come here to study, work on a puzzle, or have a chat with friends.

Students also come here for one of our delicious drinks. We brew up several different coffee drinks, like lattes, mochas, and coffee coolers at prices cheaper than your typical coffee shop. We also serve apple cider, hot chocolate, teas, and our ever popular smoothies. Smiles are always free.

We pride ourselves on being a student-run, student-led business that sells coffee and miscellaneous drinks. Students can try their hand out at volunteering as one of our baristas for a shift or two during our operating hours. Volunteering in The Lab is a great way to gain working experience and is also a great way to meet new people on campus!

Whether you need a smoothie for a study session, or a place with comfy chairs to chat with your friends, you’re always welcome at The Lab.